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five year dog trend continued .. and what it means in the USA
It really is intriguing to take note that in the USA the individual term DOGS makes up approximately ten per cent of all the dog linked terms (all 621) that Google shows.

BRITISH ISLES dog industry movements 2006 to 2010

The BRITISH ISLES industry is yet another benchmark in the dog sector since it contains the maximum amount of lookups for dogs per person of every land. The BRITISH ISLES seasonal trend has many parallels with the NORTH AMERICA trend, with a several exceptions. Although the industry decreases a little at the start of the calendar year, it then goes on to fall by up to 10% by June.

While the North america industry has its mid year top in July, the BRITISH ISLES has its top in August. And even while the UNITED STATES online dogs interest slides to a trough then picks up in December, the BRITISH ISLES goes into a constant drop from its top mid year, finishing the season about 12% off from the start of the calendar year.

Yet another point concerning the GREAT BRITAIN industry is that the term dogs only accounts for about 6% of the total dog associated search keywords although in The usa it accounts for 1/10th. This means that the GREAT BRITAIN folk employ more of a sophisticated search for details linked with dogs.

This document displays that each region has a extremely distinct search sequence for dog connected details on the web, and therefore this is likely to concur to dog acquisitions and general profits in the dog market. The top search periods of any region typically turn into people acquiring stuff in the real world..
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